Name: Shea Easterbrook
BNet: Daemonic
Hive: AriesX_420

Assistant Creator:


Icon Credits:

Apothercree - Exclusive Hero Portrait Icons
Nightmare - Movement Icons
JollyD - Clover Icon

Modeller Credits:


FireMage (Life Sage) - Kitabatake
Blood Elf Champion (Raegnarok Norm) - Frankster
Ice Wings -(Raegnarok Meta) - By Suselishe
Bloodelf Phoenix Guard (Assassin) -Frankster
InquisitorMalendis (Reaper) - Sellenisko
Obsidian Overlord (Emperor of Darkness) - Ampharos_222
Li0neSS Arch Angel Seraphim Mistress (Dragon Princess) - General Frank
Hyperion (Pure Vampire) - General Frank
Sylvanas Windrunner Banshee Queen Sellenisko - (Sentinel) Sellenisko
Alexstrazsa (Phoenix of Gaia)- 67chrome, Sellenisko
Angel (Defender of Realms) - expresso (Tranquil)
Angel (Angel of Light) -Xazuki
Prime Matron (Shadow Blade)-By dickxunder
Soul Devourer (Undead) - Grendel
Hellscream (Demon Slayer) - Sephiex
HeroBloodelvenPaladin (Mystic Angel) - Frankster
The Lich King (Daemon(Evil) - l0w_kwaliti
Deathwing (Nagator) - Kwaliti


Advanced Rod, Fishing Hat - MeteORA
Chest04 - Chriz
Anvil - Carrington2k
LightningArrow -JesusHipster
BearRug_DDK - darkdeathknight
Belted Cape - Sunchips
Blueholy Wings - UgoUgo
Light Feather - Dan van Ohllus
Frost Wyrm Shield_Left - Markos3520
Gold Bar - communist_orc
Horde Fire Bow by Forgotten_Warlord - Forgotten_Warlord
MasterSwordPedestal - Zerox
SilverOre - Ergius
Improved White Shield - Astaroth Zion
King -Tranquil
Nathrezim Doombringer - Ampharos_222
GungnirV2 - NeuroHunter
MaulofHavoc, Great_Axe, Thebandit's_Shield, All custom trees - eubz
Snowpine - By Gottfrei
Troll Hunting Bow - MaTiJa97
Nostradamus - KayS
Diablo - Dan van Ohllus
BloodlotusRG - Kitabatake
Arch Angel - Elenai
Tormentor - Ampharos_222
Bladed Edge, Dragon BattleAxe, Ogre Axe, Searing Blade, Portrait Items, Skill Buckler, SmolderDragon Sword. Spirit Shield - Lord_T
Orbs Fire, Lightning, Water, Poison, Light, Darkness, Potions Green/Blue, Purple Vial, Lord
Blood Elf Magestaff, Crate - Debode
BloodyAxe_ByEpsilon - Epsilon
Elven Boots, Boots of Speed, Slippers of Agility, Staff, Gloves of Speed, Javelin, Ice Shard - Matarael
Cold Steel Kukri, Destroyer FaceGuard, Rotten Staff, Longsword of Marr - Usedwell
RPG SET #1 (Round Shields, crystal Sword) - N00byStance
Copper Bow, Metal Bow, FootmanArmorV2, - Kitabatake
Crusader Sword - ikillforeyou
Deldrimor Mace - Goolygot
Crystal Shield, Double Plated Shield, Golden Shield, Iron Shield, Rusier Wooden Buckler, Steel Shield, Demon Satyr, Skeleton Firemage, Skeleton Fire Warior Mage - HappyTauren
Dead Dragon Helmet - Champara Bros
Teamcolored Key - Kitabatake
ArcaneRuneHammerV2 - RaidonGod
Assassins weapon - Goolygot
Deldrimor Mace - Goolygot
Doomstaff, Doomsting - Boneknight
Dragonscale_Blade , Hammer of Naaru, Wooden Bow, Rune Dagger, Shadowmourne, Shield of FW, ShadowDragon, Land Dragon - Forgotten_Warlord
Dragonslayer - Boneknight
Lion Sword, Armageddon - KayS
Faceguard of the Hawk - debode
Gem - Dan van Ohllus
Grand Blade - Tonberry
Guard_Shield - paladinjst
InfernalDestroyer, Megaton Hammer - Sunchips
Mithril Sword - Revilo
MithrilHammer - MistAssass
LethalBow - Gottfrei
Khaz'amul - Boneknight
King's Crown - Tranquil
Pickaxe - Fan
Scythe of Doom - D4RK_G4ND4LF
Spartan Helmet - Tr!KzZ
The Hellbringer - Teaspoon
Thori'dal, the Stars' Fury by chilla_killa - chilla_killa
HumanGuardHelmVersion – paladinjst
Ancient Wall 03 - By Kitabatake
Angel - By Dionesiist
ArcaneRocket_Projectile -By sPy
ArcaneStaff - By War_Golum
Attack Aura - By s4nji
Balverines - By Dan van Ohllus
Banisher, Borreal Hound – By Grendel
Blackcloudof Fog - JetFangInferno
BlightwalkerAura - By War_Golum
BloodBatMissile - By judash137
Burrower - By Ampharos_222
Chaos Banner -By Pyramidhe@d
Cathedral - By eubz
Chaos Marauder Helmet, Coffin - by chilla_killa
Castle Wall -By Tranquil
Crusader Helm - By ikillforeyou
Decay Staff - Epimetheus
DemonHunter – By KayS
Demon Knight by DevineArmy - By Devine
DemonObelisk , DemonPillar- By Amigurumi
Demon Tower - By HappyTauren
Heal Aura - By Lordan12
Doomstaff - By Boneknight
Dragonspawns - By Sellenisko
DruidStaff - By Truth Troll UA
Dune_Crawler - By Ampharos_222
Elven Swordsman - ?
Enchanted_Arrow -By sPy
EvilMissileofShadowyDOOM - By shamanyouranus
Horned Helm - ?
Rock Slam/ Falling Light - By judash137
FelHoundRider - Frankster
SunfireMissile - By pWn3d
Flame Thrower - By Champara Bros
Forgotten_Warlords Greathelm - By Forgotten_Warlord
Fountain statue - By Hexus
Frozen Orb - By Daelin
GhostAura - By Mainy
Glaciar Aura - By Daelin
Grassie - By HappyTauren
Great Lightning - By Tranquil
Grudge Aura - JetFangInferno
Healing Surge - By RetroSexual
Hell Fire - By Champara Bros
Warrior (Demon Slayer) - Made by Sephiex
Demon Arch-Duke - By Dionesiist
Hellspawn Annihilator - By Ampharos_222
Fel Orc Outrider - By Deolrin
Holy Awakening - JetFangInferno
Holy Breath - JetFangInferno
HolyLionMissile - By ratamahatta
Holymagic_Projectile - By sPy
HouseVar01 - By Amigurumi
Frost Aura - By s4nji
Infernal_Mask, MyrmidonHelmet -By -Peper-
Living Statue - By WhiteDeath
Lightning Bolt - By Champara Bros
LightningStrikeLarge - By Callahan
Lost Memory - By Suselishe
MagicLightning_Aura - By sPy
Mastermind Daggers - By Ampharos_222
Mindstaff - By Thrikodius
MineWall - Emergenzy
Halo -By RetroSexual
Outland Brazier -By shamanyouranus
PandaGlaiveMissile - By RetroSexual
Pillar (Diablo3) - By Pinachet
piratehat01 - By Chriz.
Quiver_Item - By eubz
Ring of Protection - republicola
Royal Arrow - By Champara Bros
Ruin Head - Buster
Coral Tree - By waveseeker
RuneBoltMissile - Red Baron
RunningFlame_Aura - By sPy
Scared Skull - By RetroSexual
Sea Aura - JetFangInferno
Serpent Lord's Gaze - By Usedwell
Crown Shield by Sunchips - By Sunchips
Naga_Shield - By eubz
Shiva's Wings - By JetFangInferno
TornadoElemental - Callahan
Spiders Victim - By Teaspoon
Spiral Aura - JetFangInferno
SpiritArrow – ByEpsilon
Spell Projectiles, VenomousAura, WateryAura, HolyBlast, Holy Missle, Strengthen, Aura - By sPy
Staff of Negation - By Thrikodius
Staff of Silence - By Thrikodius
Starfall Missile, Flameshot Aura, Mist Aura - By Pyritie
Undead Aura - By s4nji
Voodoo Mask - by Forgotten_Warlord
Doomshooter - By Boneknight
WingsoftheNightmare - By Usedwell
Wooden Log Wall - By xorkatoss