March 2016

Hello Fans I am sorry but also proud to say that there has been a CODEWIPE.

This means that any version older than 6.00 will not work and you will have to start
a new character.

The reason for the codewipe is for one reason only. The Hero -savecode and the Bank -savecode have now been bound together. This will prevent item duplication and make
Daemonic Sword ORPG very legitimate.

Bound Codes means that when you -save you will be given both codes at once.
The Bank code must be loaded with the same hero code otherwise it will not work.


I have also added the -save to text file system. Which when you type -save it will automatically write your code for you in a text file located in your wc3 folder.

It will create 2 text files (1 for hero, and 1 for Vault) for each Hero.


Along with No Item Duplication and a New Save System. All the Items have been revamped and made more balanced and even. I will try to eventually post all the stats of the items on the website for the future.

I hope everyone understands the reason for the codewipe and I hope you continue playing. I have a Hosting Bot running pretty much 24/7 for you to join. We also have a clan on the East Coast in Channel CLAN WOTO. We ask everyone who can come and join up and play.


This will be one of the first very legitimate Daemonic Swords and most professional. I will also be making Savable Guild Quests to come in the near future!

May 2nd 2014

A long time has passed since my last update and my
last post. I hope everyone enjoys this new update and I am
sorry for the codewipe but it was necessary as there is a new
way that Banks are Saved/Loaded, and with all the new stuff
I wanted everyone to experience it from the ground up.

I hope everyone enjoys the new experience that Daemonic Sword has to offer. There are lots of skills to learn and use which make the Game and the player more involved and have a deeper experience then ever before.


August 7th 2013

Fans here is yet another update sorry about never being on, the summer
takes up alot of time with work and other things. But I will try to often work on
the map as much as I can. It's a pretty Solitary Job and takes up lots of my time
unfortunately. But its nice to be able to read all the comments on the forum
while I work on the map. I still love working on the map, everytime I start playing an RPG I find myself wanting to work on mine more. Anyways Enjoy the new update and hopefully lots of the glitches are fixed.

Hey Fans, Sorry I dont update as often as I should! I have been working on New side quests and ways to make experience earlier in the game. I have increased the Experience gain and added many more units to kill.

Apparently someone is impersonating me on and spreading lies about the game in ignorance. Be assured if you want proof, ask him to screenshot a picture up on the Homepage on your current Hero!

But seriously this guys a retard, and I dont use to much so please for the love of the Almighty, be smart.

My Daemonic Alais is not allowed on the main bot hosting server which I guess is a good thing to keep this guy out. Please whoever is in charge of Zelus[dshost] shoot me an email saying hi!

This "Daemonic" alias imposter only will use europe. Unless he uses some name change...

THE EVOLUTIONS are here, special thanks to all the fans for summitting the glitches, and I tried as quick as possible to fix them all to have an enjoyable game. You have waited months, which seems like years but it is finally here. The major glitch free version of the Evolutions is available now to play. Evolve your mastered Hero into the supreme being you always wished them to be. Thank you to all the fans who have stuck by even when I was away. I was always working on the map, and I really hope the Evolutions more then meet your expectations, along with the new terrain, and gameplay! Thank you!

Fans, I have been gone for a time, Sorry about that, this next release is just glitch fixes and I also added an Essence for Nagator so you can battle him twice in one game. Ive recently got my own place, and have been working lots. I just got the internet for this place not too long ago. The next version is going to have something really cool that has been talked about since I brought out the evolutions. :O:O lol I havnt really started yet inputting it yet, merly thinking of the best way to go about doing soo. Im trying to get map up on the hiveworkshop, its pending now soo if maybe you guys can go to Hiveworkshop, and post some comments about the map and its legitimacy. It would help maybe bring more people to the fan base.

Daemonic Sword Fans!

It is finally here and I do not want to put it off any longer! Ive been busy with work all day and life, but I try as often as I can to work on the map. I have added so much to it still time around, and I hope you guys enjoy this next installment of my Epic Adventure! I have searched long and hard for first ever custom model imports for the map. I am trying to work on getting off the rest of the Permanent attached weapons off the heroes. You will enjoy fighting lots of new bosses, and you will find the old bosses have a couple of new advantages they didnt before as well as item drops. A Kill death ratio has been created to finally add the last peice of the save code together. Unfortunately that means there is a Code wipe and that all players must start again. There is a lot more added to it this time around, and you are probably saying there better be with all this waiting! I will continue to add more in this comimng versions, and maybe even get it out of beta in the next 2 versions. However that being said, I wont stop working on it! Enjoy the newest version of this game!

Hi Fans

Sorry it took me a whilre to update, ive been super busy with work, moving, and finding a place to live! Thanks for the patience.

Just a Reminder, if you or anyone you know needs a graphic designer for any graphical needs, I have graduated from Ontario School for Graphic Design Creative. Meaning that I have artistic abilities as well as Design abilities. Whether the project is big or small I would like to remind everyone that I am available for hire for any Graphic Design or website needs.

If you would like to check my portfolio website at, please click Here


Hey Everyone

Hey guys thanks for waiting for this newest update, I hope you like the new website and the new gameplay and item that I have created. I am in the process of adding skills bonus's to items and also creating new items. I have completed my graphic design diploma recently and have begun work. I have introduced the key of sevens as well as a bank in this version. You should be able to save 3 times as many items, and the key of sevens is a new quest that will grant new items and fun. I will continue to update with more items and item specialities. Thanks enjoy!

Hey Daemonic Sword Players!

Back again with another update, college has been very busy so I apologize for not getting to work. The spells should all be fixed, I was converting their damage so it could hurt USER Heroes. Anyways enjoy it, I also added mining operations to Daemonic Sword, so that should be a cool addition to the map, still lots to work on!

Also some pretty horrible things have been happening with japan. I thought I take a minute just to say, although we play video games to escape and have fun we shouldnt forget about some important things that are going on in the world. This is huge, and we should be concerned about our fellow human beings.

Hey Fans!

Sorry I have not been online, there are reasons for this.

I was sick for about a week and a half, plus I was moving out of my friends house where I was living, and had to find a new place, and move all my crap while I was sick :(.... However the internet at my new house was not operation until today, and Ive been really busy catching up with college. Ive added new skins I am currently working on more. Ive added item attachments, and fixed some glitches. This is a major work in progress, however I have talked to some of the animation teachers at my college and im going to have some animators students make up some models for me! This way it will be custom to Daemonic Sword just like my terrain and my skins.

Hopefully you like the weapon attachements, and new skins. I will continue to work hard on this, sorry for the dely. Ill try not to let it happen again, but here is a major update to make up for it, sorry I couldnt bring you more sooner!!!

If you lose weapons or items because of the attachement settings load your character in an older version, and save one sword.

Hey Daemonic Sword Fans!

Ok you are probably mad at me for not updating... But there is a good reason for this. I am furiously working on custom models and icons for the game, and when I release the next version shortly you will see tons of custom models!!! I am creating my own skins for my heroes, as I do not want to use other peoples models.. Plus being a graphic designer I would like to make my own and I feel like I can create some really cool ones... However do to lack of time, I am using Item models I have found at thehiveworkshop, I will be giving credit to the models I use. There are some really cool ones.. But im finding all the swords too damm long for the heroes....Anyways stay tooned I will be release this glorious version shortly... It will not have all models customized yet... Probably around Half...Over these next couple of versions you will see an dramatic increase in Items and custom Models... Where if you hold that item it might just show up on your character! Anyways I havnt forgot about you guys, Ive been working very hard to bring you guys the best RPG I can!

School is back on, so I wont be able to update as often anymore, but I hope you like the newest version as it should give the map a whole new feel to it. 13lack is also back at school so he wont be helping again... lol... He completed the Diablo Boss Fight and it should be good to go. There still might be some bug fixes but Ill release it and see what happens. Anyways Ill be working on more custom Icons and Skins and stuff in the coming days. Ill get back into making more items later on, I like to get customizing my map and you will see why, when you see my new terrian. Took me a day and a half to complete all the tiles I hope you enjoy.

Hey Fans,

Good News I emailed 13lack_Pirate just to say whats up merry christmas check out the site. Told them that if he has time to come back and start working again! :P So about an hour later I get PM from him and the 13lack_Pirate is back. Now hes been out for awhile so take it easy on him in the forum! 13lack_Pirate is good, well as I only play warcraft to work on my map.. He plays the other Rpgs and tell me what mine is missing and he is a much better.

As I am streched across the Entire Map.. Fixing things here, fixing this there, Added that there, working on this.. Answering emails, Forums, making this damn website from scratch. I sometimes forgot or am lazy and take shortcut which I totally admit. However 13lack_Pirate is very specific and will work on something for a long time and polish it right up and make it look cool.

13Iack_Pirate will be mainly focusing on Bosses and Abilities for Heroes.. He is a lot better then me at both. He also says im a shitty terrain editor, and will whip this map back into shape!!! I like walls he likes raise lower terrain. So you might be seeing alot of terrain changes whichis cool because always nice to get a new landscape from time to time.

So Welcome back 13lack_Pirate, we are all looking forward to your work! :D

Hey guys, Happy Holidays!
Seeing how I have a bunch of free time now, ive been working hard on the map. I said I would work on it during the winter break and I have. Ive fixed alot of leaky triggers and added a bunch more. This game is actually starting to become popular. I have over 230 members on my forum, and get about 300-400 hits a day on this site. Im glad to annouce that finally Both GOOD and EVIL main quests are finished... Obviously they will get some polishing and fine tuning but for the most part the line has been drawn, so I hope you enjoy both their stories.

On other news I have received a translation for my map in Russian and will start to work on that and bring you Russian and Russian speaking fans an opportunity to understand the quest lines... Should be cool and I am looking forward to bringing that to the table. If you are interested in translating my map into your language I would be happy to send you the files you will need to get started... You need a basic understanding of the warcraft editor, but its pretty simple.

Anyways thanks alot again for making this map a success! More too come!

Hey welcome to the new updated website, as you see I revamped the Website using Div Tags! Div tags are a better form of tables... (dont get me started on why I was even taught tables.. ask my html teacher lol).. This new website will be very helpful to users as it defines more things within the game, such as units, item fusions, and some FAQ im trying to work on. I am asked soo many questions and read soo many comments (Which is a good things) but I dont know which ones are F.A.Q. lol.. Ill keep coming up with some.. I hope you enjoy this new website! I think it looks alot better, more information, and more internet friendly... Got to think about the internet enviroment.

Hey I havnt posted anything on this in a while, just mostly been updating the Patch Log... Well I guess the Desync issue has been solved. Im still working on getting custom skins and icons into the map so be patient.

Ive been really busy with college and my courses and stuff, when winter break hits ill have lots of time to mess around on this again. Ill try to add some walkthroughs and hints and stuff both on the game and on the website to help players out within the game. Ive been really trying to add some cool abilities aswell seeing how 13Iack_Pirate is too busy :(. (He made the coolest ones). Anyways thanks for playing again, it not me that makes this a good game. Its you guys!

I understand some of the players do not have english as a first language. If anyone of you fans would like to translate the Game Text into their own language go ahead. This will be hard to do while im updating. However when ive completed the Evil Main quest... I will allow anyone to translate the GOOD and EVIL quests... As I will not be working on those areas of the game anymore... Wait until im done tho. kk

However I want to finish this soon so I can start fooling around with the NEW STAR CRAFT 2 Editor! However this is a fun hobbie for me and I will not rush to completion.

Just finished updating some stuff for version 4.49... I will have it up tonight OCT 4th. Just at school right now and need my windows to edit my game.. I use the Mac to build the site. I find even tho my mac is twice the machine my pc is... The mac doesnt run world editor or New gen.... Hurray for compatability issues..

I enjoy creating new Items for everyone. I like your ideas and I can actually produce items very quickly and easily. I think the more items we have and the more fusions we have the more fun and more unique the game will be. Keep em coming.

I have begun making custom Icons for the map, I dont expect them to hit the game for a while as im still building in Photoshop. Should add a cool custom feel to the game after I have created some of the icons. I am also now looking into alot of custom Skins and such. I will continue to research and see if I can come up with some new Original Skins for my game. However is anyone knows of any cool skins or custom objects that they think would fit into the map let me know!

So I have tried to get a hold of 13Iack_Pirate however he seems to be starting college and is very busy. We all understand... So I guess im back to doing this without assistance.

Just want to give a shout out to 13Iack_Pirate. If I make the game he sure polishes it up alot, and has come out with alot of cool ideas which would make the game experience alot more exciting. If it wasnt for him this map would not be as popular as it is today. So just want to say thanks to him! I still have not received his updates to the map. So hopefully soon we will be able to update the map with his new add ons.

Thanks 13Iack_Pirate.

Check out the latest version and download it now. Test out new boats and a whole new temple more evil main quest. The Extra Evil main quest is still untested so please keep me undated on glitches. I have done a couple of walkthroughs of the New Temple and it works, but its tricky!!! Good Look too all!

Do not be discouraged when you are evil because being evli is still very new compared to being good. There is still alot of work to be done. So relax hopefully with this new version you will like evil a lot more!

I want everyone to start thinking of new items you would like to see in Daemonic Sword ORPG. Let me know the specifics of the items on the forum, and I will create the item and you may see it in the next version!

Hey everyone sorry about not updating the site and the map in some time. Here is a quick update of what to come very soon. I just started back at school so ill use my website class to update this website ontop of whatever asssignments I get. I have comepleted the 3rd Temple. (Water Temple) and have woven the temples into the Evil main quest. I took some time off of this site and the map in august a lil bit. But do not worry I am coming back strong with lots of new stuff Boats, Enemies, Bosses, and items. I probably will keep updating this game bit by bit but i have no clue when I plan on finishing. Anyways I will updat the newest version by the end of the week. I still have to do a couple of walkthroughs myself to make sure everything is running some smoothly. Hope new people are still joining and playing the map. I dont host it much anymore life is getting in the way of all the fun. However I hope people will still host and play this lots. Thanks again.

Do not worry i have not forgotten about the Evil Main Quest. Infact the 3 dungeons will be woven into the Evil Main Quest, after i add rewards.

The Next Dungeon I am currently working on is going to be a Water Fortress Island, where you need a boat to access and complete the Level. I havn't started yet but when i finish this i will make the Dungeon bosses grant rewards. Dungeons take me roughly about a week or so to design a Concept Dungeon... Or "Open Testing Dungeon

I Have made Daemonic Sword ORPG new Gen with the New Gen World editor. Now that i have windows 7 and not that stupid Windows Vista New Gen works. So i have Expanded the Map x2 the Size, if not more...

All Boundaries have been removed and dungeons and caves have been placed in the bottom of the map. I will be creating Islands, Boats, and More Dungeons in the mean time.

Two new dungeons have been added to make the game experience better. I will continue to add onto theses dungeons as well as create more. As of yet there is no prize for completing the dungeons however there will be in later versions.


As of July 17th 2010 I will no longer be using AriesX_420 as my user name. My new Name will now be "Daemonic". I am only east coast, but i also have the same user name in all other servers except for Europe where i am Known as "DaemonicSword".


Update: I am now Daemonic on Europe however my Aisa Coast one I cannot log onto.

I really only go on East Coast, so instead of adding AriesX_420 add Daemonic


As of right now I have just created this website. I would like everyone to check out the forum and poste comments and ideas and glitches there. Please Email me Pictures and screenshots for the map. All suggestions i would like posted on the Map Forum, instead of too my email. That way other people may be able to agree with you or answer your questions.